Top 5 Ways to Get to Net Zero Emissions


The top five ways to get to net zero emissions of carbon dioxide is, first, to reduce your personal carbon emissions.

co2 in the climate
co2 in the climate (click here for original source image)

You can do this by deciding which products you buy that are high in carbon dioxide emissions like gasoline and items which you do not use anymore.

By having these types of products at a minimum, you will be contributing to greenhouse gases being burned. When you choose to purchase these products, you may also consider reducing the number of cars you drive and instead buy transit or bicycle trips to work. You may even decide to rent a hybrid car or walk for your transportation needs.

The second way is to replace all your household appliances with energy efficient models. This means buying new appliances that will cut down on your electricity and gas bills. If you really want to go green, you should take the time to research the newer energy saving appliances available that can save as much as 70% in energy costs. While you are at it, you should make sure you have your water heater, clothes dryer, and the furnace cleaned and maintained regularly to help eliminate the buildup of toxic gases in your home.

The third way to go green is to change the types of clothing you buy.