The Dangers of Manipulating ecosystems

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The dangers of manipulating ecosystems are well known.

changing landscape
changing landscape (click here for original source image)

The Earth Science department at Universities in Britain has compiled an extensive list detailing the ways in which human beings have destroyed the natural order of the planet. Global warming, acid rain, and depletion of the ozone layer are only some of the examples. It goes without saying that if we continue down this path, there will be no land left for wildlife. The list is long, but it has to be kept in mind that there are so many more pollutants in the environment.

The latest danger of manipulation of ecosystems is found in fisheries. The main reason why so many people have stopped fishing is that fish farming is at risk of becoming obsolete. It is true that fishing did help reduce the pressure on fish stocks, but a return to fishing alone would not help the fish populations. The number of individual fish and their respective breeding numbers have crashed due to over fishing. So what does this mean?