Wildfire Smokes and Clouds – Do One Cause the Other?


A new study shows that smoke from wildfires could cause less rain and would change the way clouds deposit water on Earth.

fire-storm (click here for original source image)

In many parts of the world, fires have been burning for decades or even centuries. They have been responsible for changing the environment in many ways. Most people have noticed a vast change in the climate over the past few decades. This is because global temperatures have risen dangerously.

In many parts of the planet, daytime temperatures have increased by about three degrees Fahrenheit. Researchers have long thought that this increase in temperature was caused by the smoke cloud that settled over the northern hemisphere. However, it turned out that clouds formed in the warm air, and stayed put during cold seasons, but then exploded in the warmest seasons. It made scientists wonder if changes in the kind of smoke particles released from fires could alter cloudiness and precipitation.