Physicists at CERN Just Found a New Particle

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Physicists at CERN just found a brand new Particle. It is part of one of the largest and most complex particle collider facilities in the world. A particle is a unique piece of energy. A particle collider, such as the CMS (Crystallized Carbon Observatory) may just be the beginning of an exciting new era in the search for the laws of physics.

The LHC (Lilly Commissioning Laser) will soon produce its very first collisions and collaborations with other experiments. In the mean time, CERN’s particle physics department has been busy researching the collaboration. Just yesterday, the lab announced that it had found a new particle. This one, they announced was a sigma boson. What is a sigma boson?

A sigma particle is a very small entity, so much so that it can only be detected by its interactions with other particles. The particles it interacts with have to be extremely tiny – around half a micrometer. So what are the possibilities? Well, it may be a new long awaited sub-particle, a tau particle, or it could be a Higgs boson. If this particle is indeed a sigma boson, it will open up many new doors in particle physics.

“Are the Lakes on Mars Just Full of Water Or Do They Have Water in Them?”

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astronaut on mars
astronaut on mars (click here for original source image)

You know, like we all know, rivers come and go, lakes are formed by melting snow and they do eventually dry up. There are places on Mars where there is no liquid water. That’s true for inland lakes and oceanic basins. However, there are lakes that have disappeared, that were dried up years ago. This is not an understatement.

Why have the Lakes on Mars disappeared? Well, there has been much activity in the past, enough to cause drying. Perhaps the greatest event was the Thredosphere. It was like a greenhouse, and when it went, the Earth absorbed it, trapping solar heat, warming the air that rose above it. This warmed the surface of Mars resulting in the creation of the planet’s largest river; the Grand Canyon.

How the Brain Might Link To The Quantum Realm

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human mind
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Physicists explain how the mind might link with the quantum realm. After performing an experiment in a lab to see if it is possible to measure what goes on in the minds of other people while they are awake, as it is done for the EEG reading. What they found is that while a person is awake their minds are in a state of near-natural waking paralysis, where they are not fully aware of what is going on around them.

In this condition, their brains continue to respond to stimuli, even though their eyes are closed. The challenge for the scientists was to find out whether or not the brain is able to control itself while the eyes are closed. Apparently they succeeded in this task and in doing so laid a ground breaking experiment. Showing that when the brain is asleep, it can actually control the activity of nerve cells in a certain area of the visual cortex. The result?

How Mirrors Could Power the World

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solar mirror
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Mirrors have been used for centuries across cultures. Mirrors reflect light and allow us to see our better selves, and they are also the reason we can see everyday objects like cars and planes with our own eyes. This is why mirrors have been used to build solar panels. Mirrors are one of the best materials to use as a medium for capturing energy from the sun. Here is a brief description of how mirrors could power the world using mirrors and solar cells.

We know that the sun emits electromagnetic radiation that can be captured by mirrors. In fact, mirrors are important to the operation of most modern-day radiology machines. These machines use fluorescent light to see into people’s bones and thus diagnose them. However, these lights could create harmful radiation that destroys delicate tissue. Photovoltaic cells on mirrors therefore convert the light into energy useful to these machines. When electricity is passed between these cells, the energy is transformed into direct current that can be used to power things like fridges and washers.