Coalition Proposes To Scrap Recovery Programs For 200 Endangered Species


The latest proposal by the Center for Biological Diversity would scrap many of the Recovery Plans for 200 Endangered Species.

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If the current Administration’s proposals are not enacted the result will be dire for many species. Not long ago, a news report stated;” biologists are stunned at the non-sequitur from the decision. There was an enormous push to get a massive bill passed providing money for tribes and sport fishing and other agencies to help recover animal species.” Apparently, if this latest proposal becomes law, it will not be long before more species will be gone. However, this does not mean that we should stop trying to save these wonderful species.

The fact is that the not much has been done to prevent this. Because, unfortunately, much of this fault rests with the previous generations.

This is not the first time that the Coalition for Sustainable Wilderness policy has attempted to eliminate all conservation relief. There was a time when there was attempts to eliminate over two-thirds of the Wilderness Act funding. It is interesting that after this latest proposal; nothing has been done to help tribes, and local communities recover such funds for their local parks and recreation departments.

They would lose business without this money so why work so hard on eliminating these programs?

For some odd reason the move is to dramatically cut these programs. This includes not just the Recovery Program for endangered species, but potentially the National Parks Service, the Antiquities Service, and the Endangered Species Act.