New Coral Reef Restoration Technology Plans to Reverse Climate Change Damage

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coral reef
coral reef (Click here for original source image)

The news that there is a new coral reef restoration technology in the works has people all a cheer. The thought of having a beautiful natural structure back on the earth is wonderful. But, you need to ask yourself if it will be effective. Restoration of the sea floor can be very complicated and not all boats are capable of sailing through it. Many other issues need to be resolved before this new coral reef system can be put into use.

If the reef was created with just the standard deep-sea trawls then it would take many years to restore it to its original state. The average depth of the sea takes about 700 meters or more. That means it would be taking several reef cities a few decades to bring the water back down to the same level as before the climate change. That means the deep-sea trawls won’t be able to save the coral reefs and the fish populations will start to die off.

That means it is going to have to come from the shore and that means bringing in all the world experts that have worked on previous restoration projects. If you are going to rely on a piece of equipment developed for other applications, then it is going to fail you miserably. It is doubtful if any of these new coral reef restoration technology plans will work. They don’t really seem to have the ability to withstand changing sea temperatures and storms. Not to mention the amount of energy that they would need to generate.