Ancient Sea Scorpion Discovered


Legend has it that the Ancient Sea Scorpion coiled itself around the coasts of China and India.

toxic scorpion
toxic scorpion (click here for original source image)

It is said to have been so massive that its coils weighed as much as twelve tons! This creature was also said to be so powerful that it could only be moved by hand. In addition, people were said to have used nets to trap these monsters when they encountered them. Most recently said to be no more than the size of a dog when discovered.

The Ancient Sea Scorpion has been in existence for a very long time. Its exact antiquity has probably been underestimated, even by those who have done research on it. No precise record of when it was first recorded in records has ever been found. However, the most prevalent date for the actual discovery of this creature is about five thousand years ago.

The recent finding brings with it several new discoveries. For one thing, it is the second largest specimen of this type of scorpion ever recorded. Another exciting bit of information is that it is the oldest known member of its family, the Cerbalus family. This is a group with a very important distribution across the Old World. The newest discovery also sheds a light on the ways in which this insect has been able to spread over such a large area.