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Adobe to adapt hybrid work model
adobe to adapt hybrid work model (Click here for original source image)

Adobe is undergoing a change with regards to how its employees are being treated. Currently, Adobe has two main business models: On-demand and Hybrid. Hybrid has been the standard business model for many years. In a recent interview, Adobe CEO John Morrison explained that the company is changing its business model in preparation for the shift to On Demand.

What does this mean to employees? It means that your career paths may be affected. You will not always know exactly what path you are taking. However, if your goals and objectives are clearly defined, then this change should not affect you. In fact, it should increase your confidence because now you have more freedom to choose your own future path in Adobe.

One question that many employees ask is “Will we lose our jobs when this change takes effect?” The answer to this question is probably not. Adobe is simply undergoing a business change and does not intend to make any drastic changes to its business model. In fact, it is laying off too many employees to balance out the new system.