How a Fixed Wireless Network Offers Value For Money

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earthquake (Click here for original source image)

Many are wondering if a fixed smart phone network can provide an early warning system for an earthquake and whether it will prevent it from hitting.

There is no official research on whether or not such a system would work, and there are several concerns to think about. Nevertheless, one thing that should be thought about is that it is rather difficult to predict an earthquake. The only way that scientists can get a better estimate is by taking place in areas where they normally have not experienced major earthquakes.

Such early warning, however, might help save some lives if the disaster does strike. The phone networks know that if they offer early warning, people will turn to them in the event of a disaster. They will then alert emergency teams so that they can prepare for the situation accordingly. This way, even if there is a disaster, those who live far from the earthquake’s epicenter will still be able to seek help. If no one knows about an impending disaster, it might take hours or days before the signal reaches those in danger.