How Mirrors Could Power the World

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solar mirror
solar mirror (Click here for original source image)

Mirrors have been used for centuries across cultures.

Mirrors reflect light and allow us to see our better selves, and they are also the reason we can see everyday objects like cars and planes with our own eyes. This is why mirrors have been used to build solar panels. Mirrors are one of the best materials to use as a medium for capturing energy from the sun. Here is a brief description of how mirrors could power the world using mirrors and solar cells.

We know that the sun emits electromagnetic radiation that can be captured by mirrors. In fact, mirrors are important to the operation of most modern-day radiology machines. These machines use fluorescent light to see into people’s bones and thus diagnose them. However, these lights could create harmful radiation that destroys delicate tissue. Photovoltaic cells on mirrors therefore convert the light into energy useful to these machines. When electricity is passed between these cells, the energy is transformed into direct current that can be used to power things like fridges and washers.