Why Does Something Keep erupting in Space?


It seems that something keeps exploding in space and scientists have no idea what it is.

big bang explosion
big bang explosion (click here for original source image)

The latest theories suggest that it may be an asteroid. There are a number of collisions that take place between these massive space rocks. Many of these collisions can cause huge amounts of damage to satellites or landing crafts which we rely on for communication, navigation, and safety.

Another theory suggests that something keeps exploding in space because the Earth is being bombarded with space rock debris. This debris travels through the atmosphere until it reaches its final destination. There it is often heated by solar radiation and weathering before it plows into our atmosphere. One such plume has been found recently. NASA scientists have spent the last several months studying this object. They have found that it has come from outer space and is likely to be very common, especially near planets in our own solar system.