7 Ways Stephen Hawking Changed the World With His Books


Stephen Hawking might be known as one of the most popular and influential scientists of all time.

Stephen Hawking, painted portrait _DDC2386
Stephen Hawking Art CC license by 4.0

His scientific works have inspired many people around the world. He has become a phenomenon by offering some amazing discoveries and theories, most of which have been proved true. If there is someone important enough in the world, then surely they have had a similar experience and can vouch for his greatness.

While many might be content to listen to what the great man has to say on the latest topics, some may not be aware of his greatest insights. One of the most quoted instances is his famous quote from the movie, “A Brief History of Time” where he said, “We cannot learn science or engineering, not by studying the phenomena, but by trying to understand their laws.” That is quite an astounding statement coming from one of the giants of the modern era. But, what did he mean by this?

According to him time is a way of measuring a thing. One can measure the speed of light, its temperature or any other number of things, based on the time that it took to do something. Similarly, the universe also took time to develop, from the very first moment of the Big Bang to the present. Therefore, we cannot say that the world itself has developed, because time does not stand still, neither does the universe.