Are You Wondering What Are Theoretical Black Holes That Erase Your Past?


Theory predicts that after such a massive event as a black hole’s formation, it could collapse into an Einstein ring, or mini-star, which will completely erase any evidence of its presence.

black hole in the universe
black hole in the universe (click here for original source image)

A recent article in Nature called “Theory black holes that erase their past and your future” by astrophysicist Konstantin Batygin discusses evidence that such giant space storms may be the cause of extra large-scale explosions in our galaxy. Such explosions are a natural phenomenon and they do tend to result in a “big Bang” that wipes out everything nearby. This is the theory behind why “planets” tend to form and leave elliptical orbit patterns.

When such an event happens on a very large scale, it can literally erase all of the previous information that was sent into space along with it, including your DNA.

People may have always wondered what kind of “erasure” such as that would be necessary to erase your memory. If we had a way to take a look at the black hole interior using telescopes, would we see rings or “solar flares?”

Surely there must be something that can send “information” into space in the form of radio waves, right?

And if there’s such a thing as “gravitational waves” (which are caused by ripples in spacetime), shouldn’t we be able to send messages into space and erase what’s been erased already?