Most Ecofriendly Places in the World Today


Most Ecofriendly places in the world today are those that have a specific focus on the environment and its protection.

environmental protection
environmental protection (click here for original source image)

This can be in the form of a person’s personal ideals or something as simple as a garden that grows food for the local community. One particular place that has gained a lot of attention is the Green Gulch Park in Sedalia, Missouri. The park itself was created as a means to preserve and protect the native habitat for the animal life and plants within the area. Here you will find animals such as elk, deer, and elk as well as various types of birds and butterflies.

As you might imagine, this particular place has had some major controversy within the past. There were some citizens who felt it did not belong in the park. This was primarily because of the fact that Sedalia is located right in the center of the St. Louis metropolitan area. Although the park is within the state, the city has had to put up an argument to allow it within the city limits. Once it was put up as a part of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, it did turn out to be a wonderful benefit to the surrounding area as well as the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Even though there may have been initial struggles with acceptance, the positive effects of the Park has been widely praised. It has helped to raise the values of the surrounding homes as well as the surrounding businesses. Many businesses were even able to contribute towards the cost of the new facility. All of this has helped to make it one of the best Ecofriendly places in the world today.