The Science Behind the Moon

astronomy, environment

The Moon and the Earth are thought to be a great link.

moon light
moon light (click here for original source image)

Some feel that they are a means of communication between our planet and the universe. They also believe it is responsible for controlling our weather and climate. There is much scientific data to support all these theories and more. In fact there is a wealth of data behind the Moon and the Earth link.

For thousands of years people have been trying to make sense out of the Moon and the Earth. It has been suggested that the Moon has some kind of effect on our climate. Is our solar system linked to the Moon? If so how and why? Are there other celestial bodies out there influencing our climate?

While the Moon is one of many things to link together, there is a wealth of data to suggest that there is a much deeper relationship. The Moon is not only impacting our climate but it is impacting literally every surface on our planet. The science behind the Moon and the Earth is quite interesting and has been studied over many years.