New Bill to Require Apple and Google to Require Carrier Integration for Phones

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Recently there was a new bill introduced that requires Apple and Google to allow more, third party applications to be distributed on their mobile devices.

The carriers and device manufacturers have fought against this, warning that it would limit their ability to do what they do best, which is to sell cell phones and smartphones. The carriers claim that allowing apps to run on the iPhone and Android would take away from the experience that subscribers to cell phone services have gotten used to.

The companies counter that allowing the customers the freedom to download apps of their choice would increase sales of their service.

The carriers and wireless providers are in an incredibly competitive environment. They have to provide more services, offer more value and reduce costs if they want to continue to be successful. It is no wonder therefore that they would fight against any attempts by wireless subscribers to increase the choices that they have. There are two sides to every story, and when it comes to the New Bill to Require Apple and Google to Allow Thread Partitioning, there are pro’s and con’s to it. Let’s look at each of them and try to come to a conclusion.