The Topological Axion Insulator and Its Phenomenal Performance

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The Topological Axion Insulator (T.F.A) is the latest technological innovation to achieve ionization at room temperature.

This is of great interest because the human body is made up of mostly water and we need a very large amount of it in order to function properly. We also need a large amount of electrical energy to power all of our systems. T.F.A’s are made out of super magnets which are arranged in such a way that they produce an electric field that is needed to induce electron energy into a material.

The latest research has found that a topological action insulator, a material consisting of interconnected doped rings of different metal having opposite polarity can create a localized electric field that is induced onto an insulating layer. The result is the generation of a very small electric current, which is captured by an outer ring. The induced current is then transmitted along the ring’s surface to another insulating layer, which results in the opening of a leaky path. These leaky paths allow free passage of electrons from the Topological Axion Insulator to the interior metal layers.