Are Planting Trees Enough?


Trees can provide a wealth of benefits for the sustainable development of human and animal based societies.

planting (click here for original source image)

They provide shelter and a sound structure that can greatly diminish the negative impact caused by climate change on the environment. The world’s forests are a crucial element in stabilizing the Earth’s climate. However, planting more trees is not enough to save our planet from climate change. We need to implement strategies that will allow for the rapid expansion of forests. This will ensure that humans and wildlife live in a sustainable environment and do what they can to mitigate global warming and its negative impact.

A recent study shows that planting just twenty-one species of plants can offset the emission of sixteen billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. This study looked only at fast growing trees. If we plant slower growing trees, we can still effectively absorb CO2 and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The same study goes on to state that planting more than twenty varieties of trees can effectively capture a greater share of the greenhouse gas emissions absorbed by the atmosphere every year.