Saving Money on Outdoor Lighting – Aiming For the Ozark Passes Dark Sky Ordinance

street lamp
street lamp (Click here for original source image)

The Ozark Mountains of western Oklahoma has long been the site of some of the country’s best wildflower and garden spots. For many years, the area was almost bereft of any visible light pollution. As the late Pat Roemer pointed out back in the ’60s, there were few if any streetlights, other than the ones that dot the outskirts of town. Yet, in the last decade, as the “light pollution” problem has worsened, the once-vibrant region has become a much dimmer place to live. The only bright spot in town was the “night sky,” which is where many pilots flying low over Ozark prefer to circle.

But that was then and this is now. Recently, residents of Ozark decided they had enough and began looking for a way to bring back the natural lighting. And why not? This is a region where the annual average temperature is around seventy-five degrees year-round. And yet, when the sun goes down, nighttime temperatures dip as low as fifteen degrees. Even during daytime, those living here have a choice as to how much light they want.