What is the Oldest Animal on Earth?

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Most likely the answer to this question will surprise you

cute turtle
cute turtle (click here for original source image)

The latest theory, by a microbiologist, has been gaining a lot of attention lately. Allow this to sink in.

A lot of scientists claim that they have evidence that the oldest animal on the Earth is not a dinosaur. The fact that it is buried with fossilized feathers, scales, and teeth in its fossilized remains places it at very early times of the Earth’s history. There have been other theories put forth that place many different animals in a similar time frame, however, without hard evidence none of those theories have stood up to the scrutiny of scientists.

The latest theory is that the animal is most likely a dinosaur. Although most scientists concur that the animal is most likely a prehistoric creature, some will still disagree. That is because there are certain characteristics that most prehistoric creatures had that are missing from modern day creatures. For example, some think that dinosaurs used feathers for protection, while others think that the animal could breathe fire.