How and When Our Sun Will Die


The question of when our sun will die has long been a mystery to those of us who appreciate its presence each and every day.

sun and moon
sun and moon (click here for original source image)

We’re all incredibly lucky that we can use it as an energy source to power our homes, cars, and other forms of modern living, but what’s the big deal if it’s not around to help save us from the impending destruction? Is there some big payoff in finding out exactly when it’s going to happen? Well, actually, there isn’t. But there are some very big clues in the data that the scientists have been able to decipher which give them a good estimate of what is going to happen.

For instance, look at the solar system. The sun is very much like our own solar system and so is really going through changes similar to our solar system. In fact, there are several major similarities. Just as we’re gradually evolving into a more populated world, the sun is changing. As it gets older, it’ll become redder, brighter, and it will start to make up its own cosmic radiation.

This means that the total amount of radiation coming off of it will rise. Just like our earth, it’ll get tired and overworked. In fact, it has already started to do so. The first signs of aging are visible, and over time, the process is going to accelerate. The effects of this phenomenon have already been measured in satellite images.