What Is Facebook WiFi?

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What Is Facebook Wifi
What Is Facebook WiFi (Click here for original source image)

What is Facebook WiFi? Facebook WiFi is an excellent way to improve Facebook engagement! It allows your walk in customers to connect to your site through their own Facebook credentials and receive free WiFi from you for staying connected to your page. This is a fantastic perk for businesses that don’t want to invest in expensive cell phone plans for every client they meet!

Your website visitors may be able to check in by connecting to your social media pages on a free WiFi spot at the venue. For example, if your business offers services like yoga, Pilates, etc., you could offer free WiFi to clients visiting from the area. You could also offer free WiFi spots to people who book an appointment with you via your social media pages. Another way to get your potential clients to stay connected to you via social media is to offer them free WiFi. As long as your customers are within the coverage area of your social networking page, they will have free internet access to stay connected with you.

If you are offering services like babysitting, childcare, dog sitting, or personal training, this too can benefit from having free internet access through what is Facebook WiFi. When potential customers search for services like these on their search engines, they may come across your business. If you don’t currently offer this type of social media service to your customers, you should definitely consider adding it to your website!