How Quantum Crystal Could Reveal the Identity of Dark Matter

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The Quantum Crystal could reveal the identity of dark matter in our universe.

crystal (click here for original source image)

It is a new theory which suggests that matter and energy have come in interaction. We know that when two bodies come into close proximity, it causes a chain reaction. There is a possibility that what we call dark matter is a manifestation of interacting particles. If such particles exist, they could be very small like the moon that we find at CERN (Centaurus – detector of annihilation of subatomic particles) or much larger like protons (particles of high energy).

These particles should be able to escape from a black hole, but they don’t. This is a good thing because they don’t show up as particles until they come into contact with an electromagnetic spectrum detector. In fact, such a detector could reveal the identity of dark matter in our universe. If such a detector works, it will be a great time to start looking for these particles because there is a big chance that we may soon know their true nature.

These particles have been predicted many times but there was no concrete evidence to back up those predictions. Now, we can actually test this. If such particles exist, they could be very tiny. This means that the diameter of an individual atom could be very small. This could mean that the dark matter could be composed of such tiny particles.

There are many ways that scientists could detect dark matter. They could use gamma rays, infrared and X-rays. However, these types of instruments are not available on most telescopes. A satellite that goes around the earth once every six months would be able to detect them. These types of instruments cost billions of dollars and they can’t be put up by individual countries.

Another way to detect dark matter is through studying the stars. They too produce gamma rays that can be picked up by telescopes. Although the debris from these stars cannot be seen, scientists can use these signals to study the properties of these particles. They could also determine whether these particles come from the superclusters or from some other unknown region of the galaxy.

The search for these particles is currently underway. Although it may take decades before scientists find out what they are, we can be sure that one day they will find it. They are definitely there and they will sooner or later help us understand more about our very existence on this planet. Studying them might even give us the opportunity to travel to other planets in the future. Who knows?

In fact, particle physics experts have been said to be planning to send a mission to observe these particles. If their predictions are correct, it could provide us with a great opportunity to learn more about the nature of the universe. It might also give clues about the composition of other planets. Just think about the possible fusion possibilities that such discoveries could open up.

There are many theories regarding dark matter that are currently gaining credibility. A lot of them hold particle physics as a key. If the latest research pans out, we will soon have a better understanding about the nature of this invisible substance. This crystal could be the first detector of its kind.

Not, so long ago, an experiment by Italian scientists indicated that their experimental particle sawdust had been found among the cores of comets. It is said that if this substance is made up of quarks, it would make a perfect match with another dark matter particle. The search for this particle continues. If it exists, we would know what it is and where it comes from. It would also help us understand the process by which it dissolves in other matter.

If this crystal does not exist, we can forget about it. It would only prove to be a misconception that could lead to nothing. On the contrary, it would bring us great opportunities if it did exist. It would be like a way to accelerate the discovery of more solutions to major problems of the universe. Once this mystery solved, we would know the meaning of its existence and that would be very exciting indeed.

Provided by Antonio Westley

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be seen as an overview of this subject and not a reflection of viewpoints or opinions as nothing is definitive. So, make sure to do your research and feel free to use this information at your own discretion.

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